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I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. -Jimmy Dean-

Flores, Flowers

I live in a city known as “The Garden City” so I can’t resist and found a new passion, picture Flowers, here the first ones Hope you enjoy!              Vivo en una ciudad conocida como… Continue Reading →

Ways to Celebrate a Birthday, Maneras de celebrar un Cumpleaños!

My birthday is coming soon, so I decide to list some ideas to celebrate it 1.- At the Beach, if you live near the beach you can go and see the sunrise or the sunset. 2.- A day at the… Continue Reading →

Hot Yoga

Yoga is been a subject, I have being interested for a long time, but I never tried until I found a coupon in groupon. Currently, I practice Bikram yoga, just in case you don’t know, Bikram Yoga, are 26 postures… Continue Reading →

What makes me happy… Que me hace feliz

Lately, I’ve been feeling so happy about everything in my life, despite I sometimes complain a lot about it everything; at the end of the day I cannot be more grateful about everything I’m living. So, here is my list… Continue Reading →

Going Green

Recently I’ve being trying to going greener than before, because the change starts with us and every little action help our planet so here are my advises : 1.- Use your own bottle water, you can find some really nice… Continue Reading →


Tomorrow is thanksgiving, I love it because is the day when you stop to realize what really matter at the end of the day, or at least is the way I like to do it. This are some reasons what… Continue Reading →

How to deal with homesickness

Hello everybody, Hope you are having a great time, Long time ago since I wrote for the last time. Because I’m doing some traveling (which I love) I’m decided to write about  how to deal with homesickness. So, here are my… Continue Reading →

Mar de fueguitos…. Sea of fire

Cada persona brilla con luz propia entre todas las demás. No hay dos fuegos iguales. Hay fuegos grandes y fuegos chicos y fuegos de todos los colores. Hay gente de fuego sereno, que ni se entera del viento, y gente… Continue Reading →

Today I was surfing on internet and I found that Oliva Palermo got married this weekend. shee can look more georguos I love her outfit its like simple but perfect. And I decided to post cause I love the outfit… Continue Reading →

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