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Ways to Celebrate a Birthday, Maneras de celebrar un Cumpleaños!

My birthday is coming soon, so I decide to list some ideas to celebrate it 1.- At the Beach, if you live near the beach you can go and see the sunrise or the sunset. 2.- A day at the… Continue Reading →

Hot Yoga

Yoga is been a subject, I have being interested for a long time, but I never tried until I found a coupon in groupon. Currently, I practice Bikram yoga, just in case you don’t know, Bikram Yoga, are 26 postures… Continue Reading →

What makes me happy… Que me hace feliz

Lately, I’ve been feeling so happy about everything in my life, despite I sometimes complain a lot about it everything; at the end of the day I cannot be more grateful about everything I’m living. So, here is my list… Continue Reading →

Going Green

Recently I’ve being trying to going greener than before, because the change starts with us and every little action help our planet so here are my advises : 1.- Use your own bottle water, you can find some really nice… Continue Reading →


Tomorrow is thanksgiving, I love it because is the day when you stop to realize what really matter at the end of the day, or at least is the way I like to do it. This are some reasons what… Continue Reading →

How to deal with homesickness

Hello everybody, Hope you are having a great time, Long time ago since I wrote for the last time. Because I’m doing some traveling (which I love) I’m decided to write about  how to deal with homesickness. So, here are my… Continue Reading →

Mar de fueguitos…. Sea of fire

Cada persona brilla con luz propia entre todas las demás. No hay dos fuegos iguales. Hay fuegos grandes y fuegos chicos y fuegos de todos los colores. Hay gente de fuego sereno, que ni se entera del viento, y gente… Continue Reading →

Today I was surfing on internet and I found that Oliva Palermo got married this weekend. shee can look more georguos I love her outfit its like simple but perfect. And I decided to post cause I love the outfit… Continue Reading →

The queens cafe just moved to playa del carmen mexico!!!

The queens cafe moved to playa del carmen yeihhh! I will be posting frequently with things to do here. If you want to relax seen the beautiful blue ocean Playa del Carmen is the perfect place and regardless of what… Continue Reading →

Taking risks

have doubts it’s a necessary part to find answers I need to make a decision, everything seems to be perfect, but the pessimist person who lives inside of me said it’s so perfect to be real… you know the kind… Continue Reading →

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