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Nantucket, The Little Grey Lady

Today’s post is about Nantucket, a charming island in Massachusetts that I have the chance to visit when I was au pair. En el post de hoy comparto algunas fotos de mi viaje a Nantucket, Massachussets que visité cuando fui… Continue Reading →

Lo que aprendí siendo aupair

Desde hace mucho tenía ganas de escribir este post por aquellas que dudan si ser o no aupairs y para todas aquellas former aupairs que se puedan identificar. La razón más popular por las que se decide ser au pair… Continue Reading →

Ser o no ser Au Pair ?

Para todas aquellas que quieren ser aupairs

I found a Family, then what?

Once you find a family, you need to prepare for your trip about to get your visa, work permit and whatever you need if you’re with an agency they will let you know what’s next. If you find the family through… Continue Reading →

How do I know is the Perfect match?

Unfortunately, I don’t have the formula, but instead I have some helpful advises. The clue will be the way you feel when you talk to them, is that comfortable? Do you like what you read about the kids, the parents,… Continue Reading →

Questions, questions, questions

Generally, you will receive a lot of applications. Some will give you a lot of information and some just an overview. In order to meet them more, I usually ask these simple questions to start, About the kids: What does… Continue Reading →

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